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Product Testing is underway!

So…it’s half-way through March and just now I’m getting down to product testing.  What better day than the Ides of March to truly get things rolling.

Currently I am putting together a couple of different lines.  Working through the products and see what will work well on the  Etsy page.  The main focus will be a line I’m calling: Le Fleur Du Mal (Flower of Evil) it’s our Bath and Body products.  I’m mainly looking for items that have a shelf life of 3+ months.  So far I’m looking at some scrubs, lotions, and lip balms.  There’s another line of Home products.  Not sure what I’m calling it just yet.  I’m working on upcycled notebooks, laundry bags, kitchen items (aprons, table cloths, placemats, napkins, lunchbags, sandwich bags) and possibly even bedroom items (duvet covers, robes, pajamas, bed and bath storage items).

I’m a sucker for packaging.  I’m currently doing research for packaing solutions.  I adore glass, but unfortunately, if I plan on shipping items, I don’t want them breaking.  I’m looking around at some creative and cool plastics.  There are some label ideas I’m working out.  Something Tim Burton/Dia De Los Muertos inspired.

I figured this blog might be really great to log all of the successes and failures of officially launching a home-based artisan business.  Feel free to leave comments or questions.  I’d be glad to converse!


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