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Lazy Sunday in SoCal – Trying New Things

I always find inspiration with new things.  Whether it’s new tastes, smells, textures, colors…whatever it may be, I always enjoy finding new things and sharing them with others.  As I am currently unemployed with a regular day job, I figured I’d start experimenting.

Since yesterday was good old St. Patrick’s Day (and we were having a few friends over for food, drinks and laughs), I thought I’d experiment with a staple – beer.  Instead of dying beer green or making corned beef and cabbage, I made beer bread and chocolate Guinness cookies.  Not only did they turn out well (quite proud) but as corny as it sounds, I learned something: As long as you give a crap the WHOLE TIME (and I mean the whole time) you can complete it.  It may not necessarily end up the way you expected it to, but you completed something.  You get to say, “I did it.”  I know being unemployed and baking cookies for an afternoon is not much of completion worth writing down (let alone writing down in a blog for people to read) but, c’mon!  I think it’s cool.

Anyway.  Just thought I’d share that little thought with you guys.  Also I’m looking forward to getting things started tomorrow and putting whatever hang-ups that prevented me from succeeding and just moving forward.


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