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The Importance of Packaging and Product Finalization!

I have been doing some serious research and serious contemplation as to how I want the Le Fleur Du Mal (Flower of Evil – bath/body line) to look.  It’s got to be simplistic and yet edgy.  The pictures below are from SKS Bottle and Packaging.


The packaging is being ordered as I type this.  I should be getting the new packaging in about 2 weeks!  I am super excited.  Not only for the packaging but I have finally narrowed it down to what will be sold here at Classically Evil!  I want to keep it kinda simple right now. 

Here’s the Le Fleur Du Mal line: Body lotion, body scrubs, soap, and lip treatments.  Below is a photo of an Invigorating scrub with the scent of peppermint (left) and a simple Muscle Soother (right).  The Muscle Soother will probably have Lavender and Chamomile added to it soon!

I am a huge fan of my coconut body lotion right now (pictured below).  I use it all the time, myself.  And am now looking forward to passing it on to everyone else.  I have a coconut lip balm that I plan on selling as well.

Some of the items that I’m selling that I don’t have pictures for yet: Healthy Morning scrub (with green tea, sugar, and lemon), Lip Stain (all natural with beet juice!), Cinnamon Oatmeal soap, and a few more experiments I’m working on.

I’ve also been working on a home line.  Just a recycled notebook and an apron currently.  But I’m also planning a few ideas for kitchen, bath, and organization decor.

So that’s where I’m at right now.  As you can see by the right side we have a count down until Etsy shop is up!  I am super excited.  I’m also hoping to be coming to a Farmer’s Market near you!


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