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To Thine Own Self Be True

In my particular line of work, smell is essential.  Well, good smell, that is.  We all have our own preferences.  Some like floral, fruity, or earthy.  Just because we love the smell of fresh cut grass, doesn’t mean that we necessarily want to smell like that either.  By starting Classically Evil, I have discovered my own personal fragrance pallet: fruity, tropical, tasty.  Personally I like to smell like food.  But just because my personal tastes lean one way, doesn’t necessarily mean that my client base agrees.  Here lies the issue.  Stay true to what smells I love and products I personally use?  Or do I try to use scents like Lavender and sandalwood in my products because I know that there is such a large base?

Like Polonius said to Laertes in Hamlet, “To Thine Own Self Be True.”  Nowadays we take this to mean to be true to who we are and what we believe in.  What Shakespeare really meant was to be true to our own interests.  In a way this seems a bit selfish and self-serving.  I take it both ways.  I have to serve myself in my business.  After all, at the end of the day, I have to make a living.  However, the whole reason I started this business is to create a product I can believe in and stand behind.  I think that I can make a good product that I will be proud to put my name on and sell.  Granted, I am not a huge fan of Lavender (for instance) but I’m sure I could pair it with another scent (say chamomile or vanilla) and make a great combo.  It’s all still a work in progress, of course.

Just as important as smell, is also sight.  You’re not going to want to put anything on your body (no matter how good it might be for you) that looks and smells gross.  Sometimes I had a couple of drops of food coloring to achieve the right effect, but for the most part, I believe that the products should speak for themselves.  For the most part my products are either white, tan, or clear just because the bases or the ingredients themselves are those colors.  I’ve also been doing some investigation with natural dyes.  Beet juice is great for lip stains.  I have discovered this fact while trying to cook with them (Literally my fingers were red for two days!).  There is also a bit of a healthy balance here.  You don’t necessarily want beet juice in your body lotion (looking like a lobster before a first date is not the best idea).

I’m actually really excited because tomorrow afternoon I will be attending a couple of online workshops through Etsy.  Marketing and Branding workshops.  Marketing and Branding are just as important as your product when it comes to the online community.  Tomorrow I’ll report as to how that goes and what I’ve learned as well as the ultimate question for me: Regular product vs. organic vs. vegan.  Which is the best way to go?   Is there such a huge difference?  Or is the $2-$10 I save on getting non-organic, non-vegan items are just as good as their expensive organic vegan counterpart?


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