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What are you worth?

  We go live tomorrow and things are exciting.  There is a lot into opening an online shop (as most of us know) but there are some things that are more stressful than others.  For me, it’s pricing and shipping.  I know that I want a fair price for my goods.  Fair for my work and fair for my clients so that I am being competitive in a very tough market.  I’ve been spending a lot of time just trying to mathematically figure out how much my products are worth.  After spending 2 hours doing math, I realized there is a much simpler way of doing it.  Compare and contrast.  I looked at a bunch of other etsy sellers (whom had similar products to mine) and evaluated their shop.  What did I admire and what do I do differently that may make my product more valuable.

Having experience as a manager in a high volume, customer service-driven business, I learned how to survive.  And one of the major techniques I learned and coined “copy and modify.”  We all do it.  We’ve been doing it for centuries.  It makes you ask yourself: “What do I do?  Who does it better?  How can I do what they do better?” 

I’ll keep this brief.  I am just gonna finish up the store tomorrow and hopefully it should be up and running around noon (pacific standard time).  Check back later for new updates.


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