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Online Shop is Live!

  That’s right, folks!  Classically Evil on Etsy is live.  I have been dreaming and fearing this day for…what…like 2 years now?  I have definitely procrastinated.  I’ve done some careful self-analysis and noticed that what is holding me back is my fear.  Some people have a fear of success while some have a fear of failure.  I’m not quite sure what I had a fear of.  I guess I was always worried that somehow, no matter how hard I worked and how contented I got with my work, someone was going to take it all away.  I guess I’ve had that fear for 10 years now.  Not quite sure why or how that came about, but it did.

In the last year I have been doing some massive changes.  I quit my job, I moved, I’m working on getting healthier (diet and exercise, yo), adopted a puppy, and now opened my dream shop.  It has been work, sure…but I missed feeling like this.  I missed losing myself in fun projects.  I missed feeling accomplished with what I had done.  I look at my etsy shop and I am so excited and pleased.  So much so, I don’t even know what I was so worried about.

Right now I have only 5 listings up, but I should be putting more up through this weekend.  I’ll also be looking into expanding my shop past the bath and body products.  I have a few techniques I want to try out for a fabric notebook.  Until then, feel free to check out the site ( and send some feedback!  I’d love some critiques!


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